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Are you ready to get started?

Fitfuel Performance Nutrition offers a unique, one-on-one nutrition and health consultation to help us understand your health history, commitment level, exercise regimen, food preferences, performance needs, and personal goals.


Following the assessment, you will receive detailed recommendations and educational resources to support your continued success. This is not your typical “cookie cutter” program. Using a whole food approach, we focus on optimizing your fueling to support health and performance simultaneously.

Individual Nutrition Consultation – $85

During the initial nutrition consult, clients will undergo a full nutrition and health assessment. The assessment is a simple questionnaire that includes health history, food preferences, exercise regimen, personal goals, and overall lifestyle. We will review the information to help me gain insight into your background and help me understand your training experience, how focused you are to succeed, and your knowledge of performance fueling.


During the meeting, we will discuss your daily/weekly schedule while I make detailed notes regarding your meal timing, work/school routine, dietary habits, and behavior changes. We will go over specific pre-, during-, and post-exercise nutrition guidelines for your sport and develop customized eating strategies for optimal results in health and performance. At the end of our session, you will be provided with several nutritional resources that boast sustained success. The nutrition tips handout provides 3-4 detailed suggestions to begin making improvements to your nutritional regimen. Other educational handouts, including snack ideas, a sample game-day fueling menu, and a grocery-shopping list.


Finally, a complete nutritional review of the consultation will be emailed within 48 hours of your initial consult, including personal and performance goals, areas of improvement, detailed recommendations, and nutrition tips. Consider one of the Fitfuel sports nutrition packages to achieve your best results!

- 60 minutes

- First consultation and initial paperwork

- Email communication and online support for 30 days

- Personalized nutrition and health assessment

- Other commonly discussed nutrition topics include:

Weight loss •  Travel nutrition • Muscle gain • Hydration protocols •  Recovery nutrition.