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Fuel for Performance. Fuel for Recovery. Fuel for Life.

Fitfuel Performance Nutrition is committed to providing an exclusive nutrition coaching service to take your sport performance to the next level. We provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels with nutrition education and detailed resources using the latest evidence-based research.


Whether the goal is to get lean or gain muscle, Fitfuel is committed to providing every client with individual nutrition guidelines to maximize athletic performance. We provide a one-on-one educational service that tailors nutrition strategies and fueling recommendations to meet individual needs. Our goal is to empower athletes with the knowledge to apply sound nutrition to training demands and safely achieve a competitive edge.


To better accommodate to our client’s needs, the Fitfuel team offers the option of office appointments or online coaching for added convenience. We will work together side-by-side to create a customized sport-specific nutrition plan that best suits your goals, training schedule, and health needs.

Lauren M. Story

Founder of Fitfuel Performance Nutrition, LLC.



University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Sports Nutrition ‘13


University of Tulsa
Exercise & Sports Science ‘09


University of Tulsa
Psychology ‘09


National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist


  • Wellness

    • Complete a full, detailed health
      assessment for new clients
    • Synergize training with mental and
      physical wellbeing
    • Provide nutrition strategy to complement training & sustained health

  • Lifestyle

    • Provide individualized, client-specific
      nutrition plans
    • Include nutrition educational resources & detailed recommendations
    • Promote increased energy, enhanced performance, & lifelong progress

  • Motivation

    • Maintain email contact & encourage communication
    • Support adhering to new lifestyle changes & nutrition plan
    • Inspire a positive mindset to overcome challenges

  • Partnership

    • Build trust & develop
    • Create a welcoming, judgment-free learning environment
    • Provide an invaluable educational experience tailored to athlete needs and goals

  • Whole Food

    • Introduce real,
      wholesome food sources
    • Establish a positive, healthy
      relationship with food
    • Discuss vitamins & supplements
      as needed

At Fitfuel Performance Nutrition, we believe that providing client-centered nutrition is paramount in achieving peak performance and maximizing athletic potential. Our approach focuses on nutrition education specific to the needs of the individual.


In order to achieve your personal best, you need a nutrition plan and lifestyle recommendations specific to your needs. Our client-centered approach provides approach separates your needs from the generic nutrition the average person.